Vaccination Controversies

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Vaccination is mainly the process of developing and strengthening the body’s immunity by exposing it to bacteria and viruses. Most children who are exposed in environments where they are allowed to play outside in the dirt are healthier compared to those who were raised in a restricted and overly sterile environment. There is a saying that no one dies of being exposed to too much dirt but there are more cases of death when an individual is overly clean. The reason for this is that their antibodies are not able to properly develop to protect their body’s immune system.

There are two main controversies that encompass vaccination. First, parents refused their children from being vaccinated because of the additives and preservatives that goes with the inoculants that are proven to be toxic. Second, parents are concerned for their children’s safety because of the too many injections during one immunization schedule until 2 months. Another reason is that can add up to the controversy is the lack of education of parents regarding vaccination.

The issue of vaccine additives and preservatives include potentially toxic substances like formaldehyde, 2 – phenoxyethanol, aluminium and monosodium glutamate. Thimerosal is a mercury based preservative that was removed from vaccines back in 2001. For many years, parents with autistic children believed that thimerosal present in MMR vaccine is one of the main causes that triggered autism in their children. Due to this, thimerosal was removed from vaccines as a precautionary measure although there were no proven scientific evidences of harm with very low doses of the preservative in vaccines.

The second issue is the density of vaccines that are administered that starts at the age of 2 months. Most parents are asking the number of shots required to be given to their children which are currently being recommended by doctors. These numbers of shots come up to 48 doses of 14 vaccines until the child reach the age of six. The parents concern is centered on their child’s well being who is to receive vaccination after 12 hours of being born and gets eight different vaccines in one day when the child reaches the age of two months. Upon reaching 15 to 18 months children are given 12 vaccines in one single day. Parents question the effects of these many doses of additives and preservatives on their child. A child’s brain develops faster during its trimester of gestation and at age 2 and when these number of vaccinations are administered, the microglia (brain’s immune system) may become overly activated that may cause damage to the brain cells and their connection with each other.

These two main controversies have lead parents not to have their children vaccinated but most falls on parents who are uneducated about vaccination. It should be taken into consideration that most diseases were eliminated with the presence of vaccines but a better way of scheduling the administration of doses should be implemented wherein parents should feel more comfortable regarding the risks of how the vaccines can affect their child’s brains.