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Vaccination or what is commonly known as immunization is a way of preventing diseases affecting the immune system of the body. It is a killed microbe that works against the microbe to stimulate the immune system in preventing particular causing diseases to a person or animal’s body. It is a natural disease fighting system that is injected to the body wherein it recognizes invading bacteria and viruses. It destroys these organisms by producing antibodies that fights the same bacteria and viruses.

Vaccination is a way of preparing the immune system in defending the body against certain diseases. Getting an immunization against a viral disease will ward off the virus by weakening and killing it. The formation of the antibodies is stimulated by using a small portion of the dead bacteria that acts against the whole bacteria. Its effectiveness is improved by having repeated injections or “boosters” in protecting the body from the disease causing bacteria.

Since the introduction of vaccination millions of people have been protected and saved from potentially fatal causing diseases. Vaccines produced prepare one’s immune system in fighting diseases by taking advantage of the immune system’s memory function in remembering infectious organisms. Vaccinations provide the body immunity against certain diseases without experiencing the disease or symptoms.

Vaccines used in vaccinations contain the killed or weakened microbes that cause diseases. This organism is altered so it will not harm or cause the person to get ill while the part of the organism that works in stimulating the immune system to respond is still present. This immune system that responds to the organism is called an antigen. This is any substance that induces the production for specific antibodies that binds with the bacteria and neutralises it resulting to the prevention of diseases.

Vaccination stimulates the body in building antibodies through the injection of vaccines that trap and kill the germ that can lead to disease. There are two ways in which the body can make antibodies. One is by contracting the disease and the other is through vaccination.

Getting a vaccination is much better and safer rather than suffering from the disease which can sometimes be fatal. Since antibodies stays in the body for a long time and remembers how to ward off the microbes your body becomes protected. Your body’s defense mechanism immediately recognizes the germ and fights it.

Vaccination can either prevent a particular disease or it can be a combination of vaccines that prevent several diseases that is given in one shot like the MMR that works against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (German measles).