Travel Vaccinations

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Travel vaccinations are not always needed when you are planning to travel. There are some cases wherein vaccinations are recommended before you travel depending on the country you are going to visit, the season and time of year you are travelling, which place are you going to stay in that part of the country, what you will be doing in that country, how long you will be staying as well as your age and health are considered, too.

The best time to get your vaccination if needed should be at least eight weeks before you travel to give time for the vaccines to work properly. You can seek advice from your general practitioner or practice nurse about travel vaccinations and they will be able to inform you which vaccines you need in protecting yourself from particular diseases. You can also go browse the internet to know more about the countries where you plan to travel and know about their present health conditions.

Travel vaccines needed vary from one country to another and these fall in three different types namely routine, recommended and required.

Routine Vaccinations

Routine vaccinations are vaccines that are essential in protecting you from diseases that are common in different parts of the world. Make sure that you and your family are up to date with your routine vaccinations before you travel to be protected from harmful diseases.

Recommended Vaccinations

Recommended vaccines are those vaccinations that protect travellers from diseases that are present in other parts of the world. Recommended vaccinations help travellers in preventing contracting and importing infectious diseases across international borders. These vaccines depend on diverse factors like destination, if you are staying in rural or urban areas, season of the year, age, health and your previous immunizations.

Required Vaccination

There is only one required vaccination by the International Health Regulations which is the yellow fever vaccination. This required vaccine is needed when you are travelling to particular countries in the sub – Saharan Africa and in tropical countries in South America. The government of Saudi Arabia requires meningococcal vaccine during the time of Hajj.

Knowing if you need to have travel vaccinations before you plan your trip is necessary when planning for your travel. This will not only help in keeping you and your family safe but it will also help in preventing infectious diseases in crossing across national borders. This will help prevent the spread of harmful diseases from one country to another thus helping the widespread of epidemics.