Kinds of Vaccinations

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Several types of vaccines were developed that are well – suited in preventing diverse and particular diseases. These are administered in one’s body to trigger the body’s defenses in creating antibodies to fight disease causing bacteria and viruses.

This small amount of bacteria or virus contained in every vaccine is weaker than those that are naturally encountered and are created in preparing the immune system of the body to defend it against diseases.

Each vaccine that is developed is carefully chosen based on the characteristic of the infecting bacteria or virus and is produced to be safely used among children and individuals. The types of vaccines produced for a given disease change over time. One example is the polio vaccine which was seen to cause polio to some of those who received it. This was changed into an Inactivated Polio Vaccine wherein the recipients no longer contract polio from it after being immunized with the vaccine.

The main kinds of vaccines used today work in different ways in helping the body’s immune system in preventing diseases. They include Live Attenuated Vaccines, Inactivated Vaccines, Toxoid Vaccines, Conjugate Vaccines and Subunit Vaccines.

Live Attenuated Vaccines are vaccines made from living viruses or bacteria that have been weakened. They are proven to be very effective but in some rare cases they can cause infections to individuals whose immune systems are compromised.

Inactivated vaccines are more stable than live vaccines. They contain disease microbes which have been destroyed and killed by chemicals. They tend to stimulate weaker immune response compared to live vaccines and require booster shots to sustain its immunity.

Toxoid Vaccines are used when illnesses are caused by toxins which are emitted by bacteria or viruses. These are created from the deactivated toxin rather than from the whole bacteria. The immune system is able to fight the toxin once it is administered in the body.

Conjugate Vaccines are linked to some bacterial special coatings that are hidden from the immune system. These links are then recognized by the immature immune system that enables it to respond and produce immunity.

Subunit Vaccines are made from particular part of the microbe to stimulate the body’s immune system. They can be made by breaking the actual microbe apart or are created in the laboratory with the use of genetic engineering techniques. The chance of temporary reactions from these vaccines is lower compared to other kinds of vaccines since they contain only parts of the microbe.

For your type of vaccination it is best to consult your doctor which vaccines are needed for you and your children for your protection.