Importance of Vaccination

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The main importance of vaccination is the prevention and protection of an individual from diseases especially those that are fatal. Preventing diseases is the key to a healthy body as well as the key to public health. It has always been said that prevention is better than cure.

Vaccination prevents diseases for people who were administered with vaccines and protects those who are exposed to unvaccinated persons. Vaccines prevent the proliferation of infectious diseases to save lives. They are responsible in sustaining many common infectious diseases that arise in certain places and countries which include polio, measles, mumps, diphtheria, whooping cough and rubella.

Vaccination being a preventive measure have decreased and eliminated numerous infectious diseases that have been harmful to babies, children and adults. Non – vaccination have its social and economic effects both on the child and the parent. Children miss going to school and parent are forced to take time out from work to take care of their children. The disease will bring forth doctor’s visits, hospitalizations and worst is premature deaths. The importance of having vaccination can help save your child’s life including yours.

Vaccination has been society’s greatest healthcare achievement. Bringing your children to the doctor to have their immunization is one of the best ways in protecting your child from dreadful diseases and not only that you are able to help in reducing the development and spread of these harmful diseases within the society as well. The wide use of vaccines among children helped in decreasing and eradicating common childhood diseases.

The importance of vaccination is well seen from the moment a child is born. Yes, everyone is born with their own immune system that is derived from the mother’s antibodies. But this immunity system does not last long and do not have all of the mother’s immunity in protecting the newly born against vaccine – preventable diseases.

When a child does not receive vaccination he is exposed to several harmful disease causing germs and his body is not strong enough in fighting these. You can just imagine the absence of vaccines in the early years when a lot of children died from infectious diseases that are now preventable with vaccination.

Vaccination does not only help protect your child from infectious diseases it also help protect the community’s health especially those who have not been administered with immunization.

The importance of vaccination plays an integral part within community’s health and a country as whole. Taking care of your child’s health through vaccination will help save an individual, a community and a nation.